5 Best AMRAP Workouts That Will Crush You

5 Best AMRAP Workouts That Will Crush You

How many of you want to get stronger? Can AMRAP workouts make your cardiovascular system strong? Many of us want to get fit and perform workouts daily.

You need to keep in mind your cardiovascular health and physical health. AMRAP workouts can make this possible. Here in this article, we will let you know how to make it happen.

What are Amrap Workouts?

Amrap Workouts

You have done many different workouts, but you may be unfamiliar with these workouts. These are as many reps as possible that will test your willpower.

They seem easy to perform, but things will be challenging for you. You need to perform as many reps as possible in a given time. Great things take time, so just stick with it.

We will let you know all the secrets, which will be tough but workable for you. Now you need to know why these workouts are perfect for you.

Why Do You Need To Perform AMRAP Workouts?

We all used to perform that old traditional 3 sets of workouts in the gym. That will be quite boring for you to do the same thing every day. Having a new way of training in your workouts will be very entertaining.

When you perform the same workout daily, your muscles will get used to it. Their growth will not be as fast as it should be, so there should be a change to make them feel different.

The versatility of your workout can make your muscles feel good. AMRAP workouts will make you feel different. Cardiovascular health will make you feel different. Let’s move toward the best workouts you can perform in this scenario.

1. Best AMRAP Workouts to Make a Difference

We will discuss the top quality high reps workouts to make you feel a clear difference. We haven’t left any unturned stone to compile these workouts to get the best possible results. Let’s start with the first one!

Bodyweight AMRAP Workouts:

Bodyweight AMRAP Workouts

It is the most common workout many of you will love to perform. You don’t need to visit the gym to perform; easy to perform anywhere, even at your home. 

People used to follow different workouts according to ease, but we have compiled the best possible workouts to make you feel better. Have a look!

  • 12 jumping squats
  • 17 pushups 
  • 22 sit-ups

We have kept various reps to make your muscles get a better pump. You can take this rep count up according to your body muscles if you are a pro. The given count should be completed within 12 minutes.

Everyone is familiar with his body when he starts feeling the intensity of the workout. So change these numbers according to your ease.

2. Beginner Level Workout

Beginner Level Workout

All beginners will be familiar with their stamina that their bodies aren’t capable of performing high reps. They can perform any of the rep counts according to their ease.

  • 15 pushups 
  • 20 sit-ups 
  • 25 rope jumping

All of these rep counts have been interpreted with the expert’s guidance. So beginners can go for it even without getting worried. You need to complete this within 8 minutes. 

It will be quite tough for beginners but effective. You must stick with it for a long time if you want better results. You can shuffle these rep counts to make things a bit easier for you.

3. Lower Body AMRAP Workout at Home

Lower Body AMRAP Workout at Home

Legs are called body pillars and contain half of the entire body. You need to train them and give them as important as you give to your upper body. Training legs is challenging, but it can make a difference in your personality.

  • 15 situps 
  • 20 jumping situps 
  • 25 lunges

All of these workouts are very effective if done within the given time. You must ensure that your body proportion and angle are perfect while performing these workouts.

You must complete this rep count within 8 minutes to make them effective for your body. Keep your momentum as slow as you can, and we have assigned this time limit to ensure that all of the given rep counts will be easily completed in the given time.

4. AMRAP Workouts For Cardio

AMRAP Workouts For Cardio

As we have mentioned earlier, cardio will be this workout’s main concern. You can make it specific through different sets and a better rep count.

  • 15 burpees
  • 18 calorie row
  • 22 waling sit ups

All of these sets will increase your heartbeat to make sure better cardio. A better blood flow will keep you safe from many life-threatening diseases.

It will be tough for you to complete these rep counts within 10 minutes. But you will make it sure with a positive mindset. Keep your mind calm while performing all these sets to ensure you will not disturb your body proportion.

The simple and easy way to make this possible is to divide all the rep counts according to the given time.

5. 10 Minutes AMRAP Bodyweight Workout

All these workouts are planned for a short time in which you must complete the whole rep count. They will let you achieve a good cardiovascular system.

10 Minutes AMRAP Bodyweight Workout
  • 20 squats 
  • 25 pushups
  • 30 squats

These three workouts will let you pump your entire body. All you need to do is make sure that the rep count should be completed within the given time.

If you take more time to complete the given rep count, your body will relax and never make you feel that high vibe again.


AMRAP workouts are getting popular because of their benefits. All fitness lovers who want to enhance their strength will always prefer these workouts.

Along with strength, they will let you achieve a better cardiovascular system also. We will suggest you follow all of the given sets and rep counts. Make sure that the given rep count should be completed within the given time.

All the pro-level athletes can change the rep count according to their ease. Just follow the given instruction to make every single rep countable.

Before following all these workouts, consult your doctor if you have any medical history. If your body can do these workouts, then just go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is as many reps as possible workout will is designed to get strength and strong cardiovascular system.

It will increase your heartbeat and will increase your strength.

Yes! These workouts are more intense than the rest of the traditional workouts. So they will help you to lose weight.

It could be 10 to 20 seconds and a maximum of 120 seconds.