8 Best Back Exercises For Muscle Building

8 Best Back Workout Exercises For Muscle Building

Have you seen the cover models and their poses? They love to show their abs, chest and arms along with shoulders. No one takes the back workout seriously, and that’s the most common mistake.

All of you will be familiar that without having a strong back, you can’t even think about heavy lifting. Only a strong back can let you go for heavy-weight training.

There are many common mistakes we use to perform in the gym, and skipping back exercises is one of those mistakes. Today’s topic will let you know all about back workouts.

Best Back Workout Exercises For Muscle Building

  1. Pullup
  2. Deadlift
  3. T-Bar Row 
  4. Single Arm Dumbbells Row
  5. Bent Over Row
  6. Single-Arm Smith Machine
  7. Seated Row
  8. Bentover Barbell Row

We have compiled all of these workouts with experts’ recommendations. Don’t need to be worried about we will explain how to make them happen. Just be with us if you need a ripped and well-shaped back.

1. Pullup

All of you will be familiar with this back workout. This one is considered a back warm-up, but this isn’t true. Pullups are considered the most effective back exercise.

Many of you perform with speedy rapping, and that’s the mistake where you are making this workout ineffective. You need to follow a slow rhythmic way to perform this workout. Let us tell you how to make it happen!

pull up (Back workout)

How to perform pull-ups for Back Workouts?

  • Tightly grasp the bar and extend your arms and lats 
  • Choose a bar having a good height which will let you expand your hands and lats 
  • Your elbows should move away from your body 
  • Now squeeze your back to make it more impactful
  • Take your body down slowly and build a strong muscle-mind connection
  • Extend your lats and arms as much as you can

2. Deadlift

The deadlift isn’t only for the back; it will target your entire posterior chain, from calves to traps. Not only weightlifters but many also renounced bodybuilders used to perform this workout to build their backs.

That’s a very sensitive exercise; any of your mistakes can cause serious back injury. Follow the words to make it happen in a safe mood. This is a very old, and experts recommended workout.

Note: Over Lifting can cause serious injury, so choose your ideal weight to keep it safe.
Deadlift (back workout)

How to Perform Deadlift?

  • Take a bar and load the weight
  • Choose your ideal weight
  • Use any belt to support your lower back
  • Now stand strong and grip the road tightly
  • Your back should be straight
  • Bend a bit and take the road up
  • Squeeze your lower back when you are on top
  • Take the weight down slowly
  • Repeat the same in a slow rhythmic way
  • 3 sets, along with 10 to 15 reps, will be enough for beginners

3. T-Bar Row

This one will hit your mid-back. Every single back exercise in the gym will target a specific portion of your back. All of you need to build a strong muscle-mind connection to make every single rep countable.

All of you need to keep this in mind while performing any of these back workouts in the gym. Every workout will hit a specific body portion you need to build your muscle-mind connection with that portion to make it more effective.

Note: Try to take your elbows close to each other while performing this workout which will make your reps more effective.
T-Bar Row (Back workout)

How to Perform T-Bar Row for Back Workout?

  • Take a bar and load weight accordingly 
  • Grasp the bar tightly
  • Bend a bit and keep your back straight
  • Take the bar up towards your chest 
  • Take your elbows close to each other
  • Try to squeeze your back which will be a very effective point.

4. Single Arm Dumbbells Row

This unilateral exercise will hit target the sides of your back. An interesting fact is that you will train each side with dumbbells. You can go for heavy lifting by using straps.

It will be easy to train your back unilaterally, allowing you to support it. You can place your hand on a table to support your back. The common mistake is not keeping your back straight. It could cause back injuries, so keep your back straight. This is a full-back workout to get wide back.

Note: Look straight while performing single-arm dumbbell row and try to build a strong muscle-mind connection to make every single rep impactful.
Single Arm Dumbbells Row (back workout)

How to Perform Single-Arm Dumbbell Row?

  • Choose your ideal weight.
  • Have a strap on your hand 
  • Keep your hand on a table to support your back
  • Look straight
  • Lift your dumbbell and take your elbow towards your back
  • Try to squeeze it 
  • Take it down towards the starting point 
  • Repeat the same movement but with a slow momentum

5. Bent Over Row

Bent Over Row is a back builder; it will target all of your backsides, the middle and lower back, and the upper back. Because of its importance, you have seen many people performing this workout in the gym.

You can get a well-shaped and ripped back through this best back exercise. The entire process to get it done is super easy have a look.

Bent Over Row (back workout)

How to Perform Bent Over Row

  • Take a bar 
  • Load the weight accordingly
  • Bend a bit and hold the bar firmly
  • Your grip should be strong
  • Keep your back straight
  • Lift the bar and take it towards your abdominal portion
  • Try to squeeze your back 
  • Take the bar down slowly 
  • Repeat the same range of motion 

6. Single-Arm Smith Machine

Single-Arm Smith Machine workout is quite similar to dumbbells row. The only difference is the bar and dumbbell; in this workout, you will perform by holding the bar.

All you need to do is to put a box accordingly and stand on it to adjust the height. Let’s make it happen!

How to Perform Single-Arm Smith Machine

  • Place a box beside the bar
  • Load the weight accordingly
  • Grasp the road 
  • Lift it upward 
  • Your elbow should move towards your back while lifting it up
  • Keep your back straight
  • Hold your knee to support your back
  • Then place the box on the opposite side
  • Perform reps through the other hand
  • The number of reps should be the same on both sides 
  • Follow a slow range of motion to make it effective.

7. Seated Row

Seated Row is considered one of the most effective back workouts. It will target every inch of your back while performing its wide range of motion. All you need to do is go for a wide grip.

Choose a bit heavy and controllable weight for better results. Don’t worry about the right form to make it happen. Have a look!

Seated Row (back workout)

How to Perform Seated Row?

  • Sit on the bench and grasp the rod widely
  • Choose a bit heavy and controllable weight 
  • Keep your back straight and take the rod back
  • Try to close your elbows while taking them back
  • Open your arms while taking the rod away from your body
  • You need to stop for a few seconds to increase the impact
  • Try to increase the rep count
  • Repeat the same range of motion

8. Bentover Barbell Row

Bent over row is one of the best back workouts targeting your back muscles. There will be variations in the set; you can go for a bit close and a wide grip.

Choose any of your ideal weights for a better range of motion. Many of you will use a flat bench top to perform this back exercise in the gym. Will standing on a flat bench let you go for a wide range of motion?

That’s a myth; performing on the floor will give you the same range of motion. Just go for a wide-range grip which will let you get a wide range of motion. Let’s explore how to make it happen!

How to Perform Bent Over Row?

  • Choose any of your ideal weights.
  • Grasp the rod with a wide grip
  • Bent a bit and take the rod down
  • Now open your chest and take the rode up
  • Follow a slow range of motion
  • Keep a bit of bend in your elbows and hold it
  • Try to stretch your lats as much as you can
Bentover Barbell Row (back workouts)


The back is one of the most important body muscles which needs to be trained like the rest of the body muscles. We have compiled all of these best back workouts for you to make it happen.

You don’t need to search for anything else about back workout exercises in the gym because we haven’t left any stone unturned to compile all of this information.

We have told you how you can perform each workout in the gym for better results. Following all of the given instructions will have zero chance of getting injured. Enjoy your workout.