Best Exercises for Chest Workout at Home

Are you busy in your life and don’t have enough time for the gym? All of you are busy in your life and not getting enough time for your health. What if we will provide the entire best chest workout at home? Sounds good! Right?

Not only chest workouts we will provide all of the required information about all the body workouts which will help you to be in shape. If you will find any difficulty with equipment to perform these workouts at home, we will make you feel easy to use different things at your home to make it possible. Let’s have a look!

Standard Push Ups For Chest Workout At Home

Standard Push Ups For Chest Workout At Home

These are the most common and effective ways to target chest muscles. The best thing is you don’t need to have any equipment to perform this workout. All of it will be done by your body weight.

Many of you will already be familiar with push-ups and used to perform at your home. The only thing you need to know is the right body posture. A slight change in your body posture will make a clear difference in your workout. No worries, we are always here for you to make things easy to approach. Let’s explore the right body proportion to make it perfect for you.

How to Perform Push-Ups?

All of the process to make it possible is entirely easy to get, you just need to follow the given instructions.

  • Lie down on the floor on your feet and hands
  • Your lower body weight should be at your feet and upper body weight on your hands
  • The rest of your body should be up from the floor 
  • Look straight and keep your chin and face straight 
  • Expand your hands according to your shoulders width
  • Now take your body down slowly near the floor as much as possible 
  • While taking it down try to stretch your chest muscles 
  • Exhale while moving upward 
  • While taking your body up you need to squeeze your chest which will activate all of your chest muscles 
  • In beginning keep low repetition to maintain the perfect body posture
  • Increase the number of pushups with time, and make sure that your body posture shouldn’t change

All of you need to follow these above-mentioned instructions to learn how to perform chest workouts at home with pushups. This is one of the primary chest workouts which you need to follow as a warm-up and then its different shapes and angles for better results.

Put some weight on your upper back while performing this workout which will let you get an extra pump and will intensify every single rep.

Easy Push-Ups

If you are not an expert in pushups and find it challenging, no worries we have another easy form of pushups for you. Easy pushups for chest workouts at home will make it easy to train the chest for beginners.

We call them easy pushups because you will find them easy to perform as compared to standard pushups. You need to learn the right body proportion to perform these pushups.

How to Perform Easy Pushups?

Let’s explore the right body posture to make it more convenient for you:

  • Keep your hands in front of you on the floor 
  • Put the lower body weight on your knees and hold them in cross form
  • Your hands’ width should be according to your shoulders width 
  • Keep your head and chin straight while performing this workout  
  • Take your body down towards the floor as slow as you can
  • Performing every single rep with a slow momentum will make it worth doing. It will exert more tension on your chest 
  • Now lift your body slowly while exhaling
  • Squeeze your chest while lifting it to put more tension on your chest.  
  • Try to perform these easy pushups on a flat floor 
  • Try to increase the number of pushups on daily bases
Keep any mat or something else on the floor that will keep your knees safe from injury.

Declines Pushups

Declines Pushups for Chest Workout at Home

As we have told you that a slight change in different pushup poses will let you train every single muscle of your chest. Decline pushups for chest workouts at home will let you train your upper chest.

There is a slight change in the standard pushups to make them effective for your upper chest. You need to follow that exact body proportion to perform in a better way.

How to Perform Decline Pushups?

Let us solve this right body proportion query for you:

  • Take any stool or table to perform these push-ups
  • Keep your feet on that table and your hands on the floor in front of you
  • Try to choose the table having the average height
  • Keep your face and chin straight 
  • Take your body down towards the floor slowly 
  • Lift it and exhale slowly 
  • Squeeze your chest to make every single rep more countable 
  • It will activate your shoulder and upper back muscles too 
  • You can make all of these muscles more strong through this form of pushups
You need to choose any table of average height which will make your posture easy to perform. If the table’s height will above average it could affect your lower back.

Clap Pushups

Clap Pushups For Chest Workout At Home

After getting done with the above basic level pushups you need to adopt some pro-level chest workout at home to get a good build chest. Clap pushups are a pro-level chest workout that will be a bit challenging for you to perform.

It will look easy to perform but take a lot to get done. The technique and body posture will be entirely different from the rest of the above-mentioned pushups. You have to spend a lot of time learning the right technique.

No worries we will let you know the easy way to perform clap pushups. You just need to follow all of those instructions and keep patience with consistency.

How to Perform Clap Pushups?

Let’s have a look!

  • First, you need to follow the same body posture as standard pushups 
  • Go down slowly close to the floor 
  • Now sum up all of your energy and push the ground with your hands to take your body a bit above the ground
  • When your body will be in the air try to clap 
  • Take a quick clap and then expand your hands again and put them on the ground with the same width 
  • Try to maintain a proper rhythm to make it more proficient 
  • Take a while before pushing the ground to take your body in the air which will give you a bit more strength to perform
Try all of the above chest workouts at home which will make their body able to perform this pro-level chest workout. Never try to perform these pushups without getting perfect in all of the above-mentioned chest workouts at home.

Wide Pushups

Wide Pushups for Chest Workout at Home

This will look a bit strange to you to perform push-ups by expanding your hands more than your shoulders width. It targets deltoids and pecs along with your chest muscles. Body posture for this workout is entirely simple you just need to expand your hands a bit more than your shoulders width.

Keep your momentum as slow as possible to make it more effective. You can tear more chest muscle fibers which will get bigger with proper nutrition.

Diamond Pushups

Diamond pushups are considered the most effective chest workout at home. Along with chest muscles it will target your triceps and will make them strong.

It will be a bit difficult for you to perform because it’s a bit tough body posture. It will target your inner chest muscles to look a bit more attractive. Have you ever seen celebrities used to open their upper shirt buttons to show their cleavage, it makes them look more attractive.

If you want to have a well-toned chest then diamond pushups chest workout at home is so much important to follow.

How to Perform Diamond Pushups?

The body posture to perform these push-ups is quite simple just follow the way below:

  • Take your body in standard pushups position 
  • Now close your hands and make a diamond shape 
  • Take your body down towards the ground 
  • Keep your momentum slow 
  • Your face and chin should be looking forward 
  • Exhale and squeeze your chest while moving upward


All of us are quite busy in our lives and are not getting enough time to join the gym. All of you are looking for some help to perform all of the workouts like chest workouts at home whenever you get some time.

We have compiled all of the above best chest workouts, and you don’t even need a single piece of equipment to perform them. As we have guided you to use anything from home to perform your workout.

The only thing you need to do is to learn the right body proportion to get better results. It will keep you safe from injury and help you to target the exact muscle. Follow all of the given instructions and enjoy your chest workout at home.