Best Landmine Exercises for Muscle Strength

There is always a right and a wrong way to use all of the gym equipment. If you will use them in an appropriate and right way then they will surely be going to hit the targeted muscles. The best landmine exercises can help you to build your muscles with balanced weight use.

Have you ever done landmine exercises in the gym? These are the most effective muscle-building exercises which will enhance your fitness level and strength.

Landmine exercises are our today’s topic of discussion, we will explore all the best exercises for you and will let you know, how these exercises can affect your body for better results. They will let you, train the entire body to make you able to maintain the body shape even on off-seasons.

What are Landmine Exercises?

These are weight training exercises that will let you elevate your fitness level in so many different ways. If you are trying to put some muscle mass and push your fitness level then these will be the best option for you.

They will develop a balance while muscle loading and the rest of the exercises with landmine exercises will hit your core too, as a plus point your core will surely get better. 360-degree rotational challenges will be provided to target your entire body’s strength. Let’s have a look at the best landmine exercises which we are going to cover today.

Best Landmine Exercises for Muscle Strength

After a deep analysis and research, we have compiled the following best landmine exercises which will help you to build an aesthetic physique.

  • Meadows Row 
  • Reverse Lunge
  • Goblet Squat 
  • Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift 
  • Belt Squat 
  • Single Leg Hipp Thrust 
  • Landmine Curl

All of the above are the best landmine exercises that we are going to discuss here.

1. Meadows Row

Landmine Exercises Meadows Row

This name was given by bodybuilding coach john Meadows because of the popularity of his name. Meadow row single arm exercise was performed to target the upper back and lats.

To perform this row performance use straps for better grip, because the sleeve of the bar will be thick and smooth which will be difficult to hold and pull. Straps will let you minimize the stress level on the smaller muscles of your arm and will help you to put all of the stress on your back muscles. 

Load less weight for optimal range of motion. By loading the bar with the heavy weight it will surely be going to create a large diameter and your pulling angle will not be in balance anymore. 

While doing raps you need to keep a slow momentum and try to build muscle and mind connections for better results. If you will use speedy momentum to perform this exercise, will be unable to build a strong muscle and mind connection.

2. Reverse Lunge

Landmine Exercises - Reverse Lunge

Are you looking for a perfect leg workout with minimum back injury chances? Landmine reverse lunge is one of the best ways to target legs by putting maximum pressure on the core muscles which will surely be going to support your lower back. 

You can activate leg muscles without putting any pressure on your spine. Amazing right? We are damn sure that all of you will be looking for a perfect leg workout without getting injured in your back muscles. Along with core muscles, it will surely be going to activate your quads, glutes, and hamstring muscles. 

In this single-leg training, you will be training both legs separately and will hit all the parts of the legs. This is considered one of the best exercises for those people who want to increase the leg’s muscle mass. It will turn all of the muscle tissues which will surely be going to regrow into a better and large size.

How to Perform Landmine Reverse Lunge?

Hold the end corner of the bar tightly and stand aside by keeping your chin down. Train one leg from one side and the other one from the opposite side. Keep it slow and steady to put maximum pressure on your legs. 

If you will perform this exercise in a bit faster way then it would be difficult for you to get focused. Just build a strong muscle and mind connection to make every single step countable. Keep your arm straight and locked for better movement of your body posture and legs. 

Keep your bar grip firm in front of the thighs and the next leg should be in a static condition that will just move with the flow. After doing countable reps then change the position and come towards the opposite side. 

The notable thing is that you need to perform the same number of raps for both legs if you want to grow them equally. Throughout the workout bar load should be appropriate and easy to handle. We will suggest you go for lightweight which will make you feel easy and controllable while performing this whole exercise. Don’t ever try to load heavy weight on your bar because it will surely be going to injure your leg or back. Both of these injuries will lead away from the gym for a long period, so keep all of these precautions in mind before performing this workout.

3. Goblet Squat

The goblet squats are also called front squats, it’s one of the fundamental landmine exercises. In this exercise, you support the weight in front of your body and put all of the pressure on your legs which will help you to activate all of the leg muscles. 

The best thing about this landmine exercise is that along with legs it will surely be going to activate all of your arms muscles, shoulder, and chest too. It will strengthen your core muscles which will help you to get clear abs. Strong core muscles will surely be going to strengthen your lower back muscles. 

The body proportion matters a lot in this exercise because if you will perform this exercise without a balanced body posture then you will surely be going to face a lot of injury chances which can make you stay in bed for a long time. So at first learn to maintain a balanced body proportion with lightweight. You can only achieve this kind of straight and balanced body proportion just because of the lightweight. 

If you will go for heavy lifting then it will put some pressure on your back which can harm your spine. So avoid ego lifting as much as you can.

How to Perform Goblet Squat?

Loan some bearable weight in the bar and keep a bench or box in front of you because it will help you to put weight on that when you will go down.

Your face and chin should be straight while holding the weight, you can keep your legs in a V shape which will let you target the internal legs muscles. Make your weight still while performing every single rep, if you will keep the weight away from your body it will put some extra pressure on your hands and elbows. It can cause elbow pain and muscles cramp, so while performing a landmine goblet squat keep the weight still and use slow momentum to get it done.

Benefits of Goblet Squats

Following are the most common benefits of landmine goblet squats: 

  • It will help you to build your hamstrings, glutes, and arms with minimum lower back stress
  • It is one of the finest options to get perfect squats for all the beginners with lightweight
  • The movement will let you perform deep squatting which will activate your hip joints and will enhance bit of its mobility.

4. Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift

Landmine Exercises - Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

The single-leg Romanian deadlift is one of the most classic leg workouts wishes specially used to train hamstrings and glutes. Along with your legs, it will also let you activate your abs, traps, and shoulders.

When you will perform these next-level landmine exercises, all of these muscles will get activated which will help you to enhance muscle mass. While performing this exercise you need to keep one of your legs high which will let you target that leg with high pressure on every part of your leg. 

While performing the same exercise with any dumbbells, and barbells will not make you feel the same balanced vibe you will feel with the loaded bar.  

Always keep in mind while performing this exercise, your body proportion should be straight while taking your weighted hand down. Your hand with a barbell should be straight and tight which will keep you away from any kind of elbow or other injuries.

How to Perform Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift?

Get the bar fix with any back support and load some weight according to your ease. Straighten your body and keep your grip a bit tight because the end of the bar will be difficult to grip.

You can use any strap to make your grip a bit tighter, to perform all of these exercises in a safe and best possible way. You need to keep your back neutral while bending and keeping your one leg straight in the air. Keep your lower back tight and straight while bending, it will strengthen your glutes.

Benefits of Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift

  • It will activate hamstrings and glutes more than a traditional two legs deadlift. You will train each leg full of your attention in this landmine exercise which will show more positive results as compared to the old traditional methods of performing deadlifts
  • Along with hamstrings, and glutes, it will also help you to train traps and abdominal muscles
  • It will make your core stronger as compared to the other kind of deadlifts

5. Belt Squat

Landmine Exercises - Belt Squat

The landmine belt squat is such a useful exercise for legs, you can train all of the parts of your legs combined. In this type of landmine exercise, you need to wear a dip belt with landmine exercise. 

You will carry weight with that belt and will perform situps in a very stable way. You need to keep one thing in mind while performing this exercise your body should be in a straight and stable proportion. 

If your body will not be stable then it will put some extra pressure on your lower back which could cause any injury. So keep all of this advice in your mind if you want to get it done in a safe mode. It’s an excellent alternative for all those who are facing back pain issues while performing leg workouts. They can use this landmine exercise which will let them perform at their best and save the mood of exercise.

How to Perform Belt Squat?

There are two simple steps to perform this exercise, at first you need to have a dip belt around you and tie the loaded bar with that. Now keep one thing while performing these squats the length of the chain shouldn’t be too long because if you do so then it will surely be going to put some extra weight on your lower back.

And that’s a very negative thing for you, it could cause a serious injury but if you will perform this effective landmine exercise with all the precautions then it will be a convenient source for you to grow your legs. 

Apart from a leg workout, it will also activate your back and core muscles.

Benefits of Belt Squat?

Following are the few common benefits of this landmine exercise

  • These are the back squats that focus on your hamstrings and will let you put some pressure on your abdominal part. 
  • Your whole upper body will be stress-free because it will engage only the lower body

6. Single Leg Hip Thrust

Landmine Exercises - Single Leg Hip Thrust

In recent days hip thrust is becoming one of the most popular landmine exercises because of its uncountable benefits. At first, people used to perform this exercise with a barbell placed across the hip joint. 

But now the majority of them are using landmines to get it done which is the most comfortable and easy-to-handle type of hip thrust exercise. It’s very easy to perform with a lightweight barbell on a single leg and keeping the other one in the air.

How to Perform Single Leg Hip Thrust?

It’s quite simple to perform the hip thrust exercise, first, you need to place a flat bench and put your upper body on that flat bench. Then take a barbell and keep it on one leg now raise the other leg into the air and go down deep. While coming up you need to keep your lower back a bit tight and come up with a balanced force. 

There should be a 90-degree angle on the working knee to make it the best and entirely balanced proportion by keeping it straight to your knee and shoulder.

Benefits of Single Leg Hip Thrust

  • It will help you to train your glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and quads
  • It will enhance your sprinting speed

7. Landmine Curl

Landmine Exercises - Landmine Curl

The landmine curl is used for targeting and building forearms by using a thick barbell. It is quite different from the traditional biceps curls. You just need to fix a bar and adjust it, then grip that bar from its end corner which will hardly raise at your chest height. 

Now, put some pressure on your forearms by building muscle and mind connections. This is one of the specialized exercises in which you train both forearms and biceps in one movement.

How to perform Landmine Curl

First fix the barbell and keep your working hand up from your legs and keep the bar in front of your chest. Now hold the bar tightly and lock your elbow with your ribs. 

Start the first rap with full attention, stretch your biceps and forearm while going downward, and lift the bar until it reaches in front of your shoulder.

Benefits of Landmine Curl

  • This landmine exercise will help you to train your biceps and forearms in one movement
  • It will reduce the pressure on your elbow


Landmine exercises are entirely different from the rest of the exercises, you can use all of these workouts as an alternative to your daily routine exercises. 

All weight lifters can use these exercises to make their body a bit athletic. They will enhance your body strength and stamina which will help you to put some extra muscle mass. 

All of the above-mentioned landmine exercises are the best for you which will let you activate more muscles with deep stretching.

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