Best Upper Abs Workout for Strong Core

Do you have abs? What the hell are you talking about? How can you even feel good without having a ripped core, you need to make it happen if you want to look a bit more attractive. Upper abs workout will be available at almost every single.

Have you ever noticed that all fitness models have abs? Because that’s the most crucial or fundamental demand to look more attractive. Without having strong core muscles you can’t even think about heavy lifting. Core muscles seem tiny but in actuality, they play a central role in making your entire workout more effective.

Today we are going to talk about the best upper abs workouts which will let you get a well-shaped core. We know that all of you have already performed so many upper abs workouts but in today’s discussion, we will let you know about the most effective and technically proven workouts to make a difference.

Hollow Hold

Hollow Hold Upper Abs Workout

You have seen so many upper abs workouts before and have also followed a few of them to get ripped core. But in the end, you were not satisfied with the results. We’re not saying that all of those workouts were not much effective, you might not be able to get the right body proportion to make it effective.

The hollow hold is one of the most unique and classic upper abs workouts which will let you get a flat and strong tummy in just a couple of weeks. In this upper abs workout, you will balance your entire body on your butts by extending your legs and arms. Apart from its effectiveness for abs, you don’t need any equipment to perform, you can train at your home too.

Benefits of Hollow Hold

  • You will be able to get a good build core 
  • Will strengthen your core
  • It will help you to lift more 
  • A strong core will let your spine lift as much as you want 
  • Will reduce stomach fat

How to Perform Hollow Hold?

A right body proportion will let make things easy for you, just lay down on the ground a straighten your legs with arms together. Keep both of your arms behind your head and balance your entire body through your butts.

After getting a proper balance, rock back and forth by maintaining the same body proportion. Try to build a strong muscles mind connection which will make it more effective.  Try to rock back and forth as long as you can, take a rest for a while and repeat.

McGill Curl Up

McGrill Curl Up

McGill curl-up is at the second of the list which is specially designed for those who are suffering lower back pain and are not interested in involving their back while performing upper abs workouts.

You will hold your back while performing half crunches and will keep lying on the ground while performing the next part. Your back will be stable while taking your leg and arm up and vice versa. Don’t be confused let us tell you the right way to make it happen.

How to perform McGill Curl UP?

It seems easy to perform but not as much as you are thinking, the first step is to lay down on the ground and keep both of your palms under your lower back and start doing crunches as much as you can.

While having back pain it will be very easy for you to perform crunches that will target your upper abs.

The second thing you need to do is lay down straight and take your one arm and leg up close to each other and then take them down. In the second term take your next leg up with the other arm. Try to squeeze your abdominal portion to make it more effective.

Tip: One thing which you need to keep in mind is, that your rep count on both sides should be equal. Never try to accede to your limits because you are already in pain, then the back injury possibilities will increase. So just go with the flow and keep things easy for you. 

Benefits of McGill Curl Up

As we have told you that this workout is specially designed for those people who are suffering from back pain or any back injury and don’t want to involve their back while performing upper abs workouts.

The first and the most prominent benefit of this workout is that you will never be going to feel pain while performing reps. And you don’t need to skip your abs because of back pain.

It will strengthen your core muscles and will let you get ripped core, later on, which will perform the rest of your workouts in a better way. So all of you need to keep in mind you can’t lift heavy without making your core strong.

Abs Rollout

Abs Rollout

According to our research and analysis, this is one of the most effective abs workouts. It’s not compulsory to have a barbell filled with plates to perform this workout, you can even use an abs wheel or ball to get it done.

This abs rollout is specially designed to perform upper abs workouts to make them more strong. While performing this workout you will hit your upper abs and will activate their fibers.

How to perform Abs Rollout?

This is quite easy to understand but difficult to perform, you need a single barbell or a gym ball to perform. If you are performing with a barbell filled with plates then it will be a bit more effective and difficult to perform.

Choose any weight according to your ease, don’t worry about weight, you will never be going to lift that. Now take a sheet and place it on the ground, and keep both of your knees on it in front of that filled barbell. Now grip that barbell according to the width of your shoulders.

Keep your grip tight and start rolling forward but keep in mind, that you don’t need to go too forward it will hit your lower back too, which can make you feel immense pain. So if you are already suffering from back pain then we will strongly suggest you keep yourself away from it. Now take that barbell back and squeeze your core. It will tear up your core muscle fibers which will grow well with a balanced diet.

You need to remember that, a proper low-fat and low carbs diet which will let you reduce your abdominal fat and overall body fat too.

Benefits of Abs Rollout

If you are facing abdominal fat issues then we are damn sure that this workout will let you tear your abdominal fibers and will reduce your fat percentage. Never take it as an easy task to perform it will be challenging for you while the lowering and lifting phase. Not only upper abs you will feel immense pressure on your core in a lengthened position.

Weighted Cable Crunch

Weighted Cable Crunch

You have seen so many gym freaks performing crunches with weights. The majority of us perform and have heard about simple flat crunches. But if you are a bit advanced gym athlete then things will be very easy for you.

You will be able to perform these weighted cable crunches to hit your upper abs. This is considered the most effective upper abs workout whit will let you make your abdominal portion fat-free. So after getting done with its introduction let’s make it easy for you to perform with the right body proportion.

How to perform Weighted Cable Crunch?

The entire process to perform this workout is entirely simple. You just need to adjust some weight in the cable crossover machine. Adjust a rob in the hook and sit in front of the pulley.

You have to choose your ideal weight before performing this workout. It will make it easy for you to perform. Now bow down your head and keep both ends of the roops on the sides of your head. Adjust your knees and now pull the roop downward and take it down slowly by putting more pressure on your core muscles.

You need to build a more strong muscle and mind connection to make it more effective. While taking your roop upward you need to stretch your entire core as much as you can to increase the intensity of your set. Keep your momentum slow while performing these reps.

Benefits of Weighted Cable Crunch

It will put more pressure on your upper ab muscles than the normal body crunches which we used to perform while lying on the floor. Under constant abs pressure, you will be able to target all of your core muscles, especially your upper abs.

Tip: We have observed so many people performing this upper abs workout with speedy momentum which is wrong. You need to keep a slow momentum while performing this workout which will let you build a strong muscles mind connection.


Upper Abs Workout Crunches

This is the most ancient upper abs workout that people are performing before Arnold’s time. This was the time when people were not much familiar with advanced gym equipment.

This was the simple way to train your upper abs and they used to perform leg raises with this to train their lower abs too. You can perform this upper abs workout anywhere wherever you want.

How to perform crunches?

This is very easy to pick and perform, at first you need to lay down on the floor straight. Fold your knees and take them a bit closer to your upper body now put both of your palms behind your head.

Now inhale and start exhaling while moving upward. You need to squeeze your core muscles which will increase more pressure to get better results.

Benefits of Crunches

You don’t need any kind of equipment to perform this workout. You just need to lay down on the floor and start performing. It will directly hit your upper abs and will give you quick results. You can increase rep count without being worried about any kind of injury.


The core is one of the most important body muscles which you need to train to make your body look more attractive. It doesn’t matter which muscle you are training, the core will automatically get activated. 

As an active member of this fruitful discussion, you will be able to know that for heavy lifting you need to make your core more strong. So follow all of the above-mentioned upper abs workouts with their instructions to make your core muscles more strong.