How Skull Crushers Help You Building Strong Triceps

Do you want to grow your traps? Many of you are trying your best to grow triceps muscles because some bad angles don’t target the exact trap muscles. It’s also called a skull crusher because any poor form can crush your head.

It is all upon you, if you are comfortable with barbells or dumbbells then go for it. The main aim is just to activate trap muscles, in our today’s topic we will talk about all the best forms of skull crushers that will be going to increase your traps.

How to Perform Skull Crushers?

How to perform Skull Crushers

You need a flat bench to lie down on it, your full body will be on the bench except for your lower legs. Choose any easy-to-hold weighted dumbbell and expand your both arms tightly.

Now keep this thing in mind never take the dumbbell down towards your head, any of your mistakes can make you feel suffer a lot. If your dumbbell will hit your head it will cause a serious injury. Hold one end of the dumbbell tightly and flex your arms, don’t be confused let’s do it step by step.

  • Flex your arms and hold the dumbbell tightly and flex your arms. Lowers the weight down towards your body. It will increase more tension on your triceps 
  • While taking down the dumbbell make sure that it should be behind your head down and then up in the same arc
  • Take the dumbbell upwards until it will not come back in its same position, when it will is back in its original position then make it a bit tight and stretch upward which will put some extra tension on your traps
  • Repeat the same phenomenon but keep one thing in mind if the dumbbell’s weight will be more than your capabilities then it would be difficult to perform all of this exercise with a perfect angle
  • It’s all upon you, you can perform skull crushers by holding one dumbbell with both hands or if you will be ok with a bit more weight then you can go for two dumbbells in both hands

How to Perform Skull Crushers With Barbells?

Skull Crushers with Barbell

The whole process is quite simple if you perform skull crushers with dumbbells or barbells. First, you need to choose any suitable weight to perform this exercise.

If you will load more weight on the barbell then it would be difficult for you to do it in a balanced way. Then lay down on a flat gym bench and hold that barbell tightly, because your loose grip can make it a bit risky for you.

Your grip should be a bit tight, now take the barbell down slowly. Keep in mind that as we have told you before that the barbell shouldn’t straight to your forehead. Take it down behind your head slowly and stretch your trap muscles.

Now take the barbell back to its original position slowly with a strong muscle and mind connection. Now here is a pro tip for you, while taking the barbell upward, don’t take it towards your core. Just try to expand your hands straight opposite to your head. It will surely be going to make your feel some extra pressure on your traps.

Benefits of Skull Crushers With Barbell

It’s obvious thing that all of the skull crushers will be helpful for you to grow your triceps. The best thing about skull crushers with barbells is that they will put the same weight and pressure on both arms equally.

If you will chose any light and easy-to-handle weight for you then it will be much more difficult for you to balance it for better results. It will be very easy for you people to perform as compared to the double dumbbell skull crushers.

Why You Should go for Double Dumbbell Skull Crushers?

Double Dumbell Skull Crushers

It would be difficult for you to maintain the balance by holding both doubles together. But you will not feel this negative vibe if you will follow all of these instructions.

First, keep yourself away from ego lifting if you don’t want to go for serious injury. Choose any of the easy-to-handle kinds of weight to perform this exercise.

The second and most important thing to keep in mind is that choose any flat bench and keep your grip a bit tight which will let you perform with an accurate angle. Expand your both arms opposite to your chest and then take them down slowly on the sides of your head.

While taking it down try to stretch your traps and then take them right back towards their original position and bend the other end of the dumbbells downward to activate trap muscles. It is the best option for all those people who want to seek bigger biceps and forearms.

Benefits of Double Dumbbell Skull Crushers

Following are the benefits of this skull crusher exercise:

  • Easy to balance and put equal weight on both arms
  • Easy to hold
  • Use any strap for better grip
  • It will help you to achieve bigger triceps
  • Less Risky

Lying Skull Crushers on the Floor

Lying Skull Crushers on the Floor

The lying skull crushers on the floor are one of the most effective exercises to activate your triceps. It will also let you put some extra muscle mass on your traps.

It is quite simple if you are not getting any free flat bench in the gym then just lay down on the floor and hold both of the dumbbells tightly. Take them down towards the floor and bang with the floor because without it you will not be able to take that weight back to its original position.

When they will be about to their original position then tilt the opposite end of the dumbbells to put some extra tension on your traps, and repeat.

Benefits of Lying Skull Crushers on the Floor

While performing this skull crusher exercise you will get the following the most common exercises.

  • It will activate both of your triceps equally
  • Safe to perform 
  • No need to ask for any kind of flat bench in the gym
  • Best to get bigger biceps

Incline Lying Skull Crushers

Incline Skull Crushers

This is another form of skull crusher that will activate your trap muscles for better growth. You just need to have a barber curl having some bearable weight.

Take any incline bench in the gym and set its height according to your body range. Lay down on this and put that weighted barbell behind your head. While performing this exercise you don’t need to move your neck frequently, if you do so it can cause neck cramps.

While taking the barbell upward try to squeeze your trap muscles and expand your hand right upward in front of your chest. Don’t ever try to drag the barbell towards your abdominal area it will be ineffective and useless for you. And the injury risks will be high too so keep it high and straight opposite to your chest.

Take the barbell curl down slowly and try to build a strong connection between triceps and mind it will help you to activate every inch of your trap muscles.

Benefits of Incline Lying Skull Crushers

The main central goal of this skull crusher exercise is just to activate trap muscles. Following are the benefits of incline lying skull crushers:

  • It will put some extra pressure on your triceps which will break more tissue after a deep stretching. When they will regrow with proper nutrition their size will automatically increase
  • Minimum risks of injuries 
  • The maximum range of motion

Common Mistakes in Skull Crushers

Skull Crushers Mistakes

It will never be going to happen that everyone will perform all of the skull crushers’ exercises in the same and perfect way. Everyone will perform all of these exercises according to their own experiences.

There will be a lot of different kinds of mistakes out there in the gym while performing these exercises. Any of these mistakes can lead you to a serious injuries. Let’s introduce you to all of these mistakes which will guide you to make them correct.

  • Loose Grip On The Weight

Your firm grip can keep you safe from accidentally slipping weight from your hands. So a tight grip is so much compulsory for you before lifting any weight. Just imagine if any of the dumbbells or barbells will slip from your hands they will surely be going to hit your face which can cause you to suffer for the rest of your life. So take all the precautions before performing these exercises, you can use different stylish straps to achieve a firm grip.

  • Lowering Weight Towards The Face While Performing these Exercises

This is another huge mistake that we perform while doing most of the skull crusher exercises. When we lower the weight towards our face and if our grip will be looser on the weight then you can better imagine how worsts the results could be.

So whenever you perform these exercises, keep all of these precautions in mind that which thing can harm you. A single loose grip can crush your whole skull. That’s why we used to call these exercises the skull crushers.

You just need to lower the weight opposite to your face which will lead you towards getting more tension on your triceps.

  • Fast Lifting

All of these exercises need to be performed with slow momentum. If you will try to get it done in a short period then you will lead yourself towards risks.

You have to keep a slow and steady momentum while performing all of the above-mentioned skull crushers. It will provide you with better and more effective trap contraction and relaxation.

Most of the time while performing these exercises you will start moving your whole body with momentum which leads you towards less effectiveness of the exercises. Your targeted muscles will be at rest at the end of the exercise which is the weirdest thing for you.

You have spent a lot of time in the gym but in the end, you are coming home without even activating the targeted muscles. It will just be a wattage of time for you if you will keep doing so. So keep in mind all of these mistakes and try your best not to perform any of them during exercise which will lead you towards a successful workout.

Precautions and Safety

Skull Crushers Precautions and Safety

A wrong body proportion will lead you towards elbow pain and many other body pains which are unacceptable for all of us. If you wanted to keep yourself safe then you have to follow all of the safety and precautions before performing all of these exercises.

All of the above mistakes which we have mentioned in this discussion are so much important to be considered as safety guidelines that will lead you towards a safe and effective workout.

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind before performing any of the above-mentioned exercises is weight and number of reps. Their weight should be easy to handle and effective too, and the number of reps should be no more than 6 to 12 reps.


Skull crushers are the most effective exercises to target trap muscles to make them bigger. We have mentioned a few best skull cruisers above in this fruitful discussion.

You can use all of these exercises to make your trap look bigger and larger. Most of the time when we realize that our triceps are not growing as compared to the rest of the body parts and we start finding something else to make it happen.

So all of these workouts are for all those people who wanted to grow their traps in a better and more effective way. We have discussed them in detail and have told you the step-by-step method to get them done. Keep all the precautions in, mind if you do want to get injured, all of the possibilities have been discussed that what can harm you and can’t. So choose any of them according to your ease.