How to Master the Arnold Press with Dumbells

Do you know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is? We don’t think that anybody is unfamiliar with this name, every single bodybuilder used to call him the god of bodybuilding. If you want to build your shoulders like him then Arnold’s shoulder press with Dumbells is one of the all-time best exercises.

In our today’s topic, we will let you know all about this world-famous shoulder workout. We will make the whole workout easy to pick and perform for all of you.

What is Arnold Press?

Arnold Press is a rotational variation exercise with a formal shoulder press, you will use your palm and will rotate the dumbbells when they will come down in front of your face.

It’s a bit of an additional change in the traditional shoulder press set. While performing that old traditional shoulder press you just need to rotate your hands by keeping your elbows locked. Keep your grip tight on the dumbbells while taking them down and rotate properly which will let you grow your shoulders.

Many of us work like hell to widen our shoulders but in vain in the end, so if you want to make it happen and want to build your shoulders like Arnold Schwarzenegger then follow all of these instructions to make it happen.

It will surely be going to hit all three deltoids when your anterior, posterior, and lateral deltoids. While performing this workout you will surely be going to experience an entirely new contraction in your muscles. Are you getting what m talking about? Don’t be confused let me tell you how to do it in a better way.

How to Perform Arnold Press With Dumbells?

How to Perform Arnold Press

To perform Arnold Press you need two dumbbells and a flat or back seated bench. Adjust your bench and put both of these dumbbells in front of you.

Keep one thing in mind while picking the dumbbells upward, don’t ever try to be quick, it could cause any muscle pull, or cramps so be a slow and steady performer. Now pick both of the dumbbells together and take them on your shoulder and take a second to adjust them.

Now expand your arms by taking dumbbells upward, and squeezing your shoulder but keep another thing in mind that keep an appropriate gap between both of the dumbbells while performing this upward movement.

Keep your chin static and with your legs’ movement,  if your chin will not be static, it will cause an imbalance of your weight. Then take the dumbbells down and flex the movement of your hand and take them in front of your face.  Attach the ends of the dumbbells and then take them a bit high on your shoulder and then upward. Now repeat the same angle to perfrom all the reps in sequence.

  • Here is a pro tip for all of you guys, while performing every rep never jerk your weight with dumbbells, it can cause shoulder injury which can make you diable to perform this workout again even for a long time
  • Put some tension on your core and back which will help you to lift it. Another reason is if your back will be losing not even a bit tight then it could cause any back injury. Always keep in mind that your core and back should be a bit tighter
  • Your shoulder blades should move naturally with your shoulder joints, if you try to move them with any of the opposite movements will make you feel immense pain so make it simple and go with the flow
  • While expanding your arms upward you need to have a slight bend in your elbow which will be very helpful for you to stay away from any kind of elbow injury
  • Never stop rotating your arms until your palm will be in front of your face
While performing this exercise you have to avoid ego lifting at all because it can cause a serious injury. And your momentum should also be very rhythmic and slow to get better results.

Your wrong body posture can also cause any damage, most of the time you follow this workout routine but at the end of a long period when you will not see any betterment. Then you will blame that Arnold Bench Press is not workable for you which is an entirely inappropriate thing.

Seated Arnold Press

Seated Arnold Press

At first, we performed Arnold Press on a flat bench with dumbbells but now we will perform the same exercise on a seated bench where we can go for some extra weight.

It will give support to your back which is very important while performing this workout. The whole angles and rest of the process will be quite the same for this bench too.

Let us guide you again according to this seated bench:

  • First, you need to choose any controllable weight to perform this exercise
  • Sit on the bench and make your feet grip tight and straighten your body
  • Your chin should be in a static position throughout the workout which will let you maintain a proper balance while performing the rotation in front of your face
  • Your grip should be firm, loose grip can cause imbalance  
  • Never lift the weight in a jerky way which can cause pain in your back, so try to avoid these kinds of mistakes while performing this exercise
  • The next step is to keep the dumbbells a bit high on your shoulders and start your first step, take the dumbbells high having a bit of bend in the elbow. The bend of your elbow will keep you safe from any kind of elbow injury
  • The only difference is that you will perform this exercise on a seated bench which will have your back.

This was all about Arnold press with a seated dumbbell, keep all of the above mentioned information in mind which will make your workout perfect. Now we will talk about the benefits of this best shoulder press.

Benefits Of Arnold Press

Arnold’s press is famous in the entire world because of its effectiveness, people used to perform all of these exercises to gain massive shoulders like Arnold.

Another best thing is that it will hit all the deltoids which will make your muscles look bit wider and bigger. Shoulders are the most important and prominent parts of our body which will let you look more attractive if you will properly work on them. Arnold’s variation in this workout will keep proper tension on your muscles which is quite different from the traditional bench presses.

The thing is, if you will be quite honest with yourself then it will be the best exercise for your shoulders. We have already mentioned a lot of mistakes that many of us used to repeat all of these mistakes, so follow the right angle and body posture to get the best results.

It will not only hit your shoulders it will also activate your upper chest. If you don’t have any gym around you then you can perform this exercise with just simple dumbbells anywhere in the world.

Mistakes in Performing Arnold Press

All of you can’t perform all of these exercises perfectly, but the majority of you will make a lot of mistakes. Those mistakes will be because for different reasons. So now we will talk about all of the possible mistakes which we can do while performing this shoulder press workout.

Flaring Elbow

You need to keep all of your body in your control while performing any of these exercises. Your body should be a bit stiff which will keep you away from any kind of injury, it will make your posture strong enough to support you in performing the best shoulder press workout.

You need to have a bend in your elbow to make it risk-free so stop flaring your elbow and make it according to the required proportion.

Loose Grip

Keep a strong grip on dumbbells while repping, a loose grip can cause a sudden slip which will be dangerous for, the dumbbells can hit your head or legs.

So always keep your grip tight which will let you finish your workout in the best possible way. These are the few mistakes that you need to keep in mind. It’s a suggestion to all of you people that you need to follow all the gradual instructions to perform the best possible workout with the right technique.


Arnold press has become one of the compulsory parts of the shoulders workout which will let you achieve bigger and larger shoulders. We have already told you all of the best and easy-to-do techniques to perform this workout.

If you want to achieve massive and round shoulders like Arnold then you have to do it in the right proportion and angles which have already been discussed. You just need to do one thing, first read all of the given instructions carefully along with mistakes and try to make it perfect with lightweight. After getting perfect balance and posture with angles then you can easily go for a heavyweight.