Performing Back Workout at Home For Strong Wings

Performing Back Workout at Home For Strong Wings

Everybody wants a perfect and easy-to-perform back workout at home because of their hectic life routine. We are busy with our work and most of our time sitting on chairs.

Are you facing back pain problems and need any reliable solution? Have a seat and be a part of this conversation. We will let you know all of the best-verified back workouts at home.

One of the best things is that you don’t need equipment to perform these back workouts. All you need is a matt and some space at home to perform.

Best Back Workouts at Home

We have designed and assembled the best home workouts for the back. All of these workouts are easy to follow and verified by our pro athletes. The first and the most important thing which you need to keep in mind is your medical history.

All of them are verified exercises to perform for all kinds of performers. But your health is our priority, so consult with your doctor first and act accordingly. Now let’s talk about the best back workouts at home.


Are you thinking about Jason Momoa right now? Everybody does that; that’s a similar pose as we used to swim. It will target your back muscles and will let you get a strong back.

You spend your entire day sitting on a chair, directly affecting your back. If your back is strong enough, you will be easy to go. In this back workout, you must learn the right way to perform without injury.

  • Lie straight on the floor
  • Your face should be towards the floor 
  • Expand your hands straight forward and legs too
  • Your head should be downward 
  • Now raise your right hand along with the left leg 
  • Hold for a while and put some tension on your back
  • Raise as much as you can control and never exceed the limit
  • Take your hand and leg back to the previous position on the ground 
  • Now raise your left hand along with your right leg
  • Build muscle mind connection which will let you maximize the impact of your workout
  • Repeat as much as you can
You need to stretch your leg and hand in a controllable manner. Never try to exceed your limits; it could be risky for you. Keep your momentum slow and steady, making every rep countable and safe.

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose Exercise

That’s the second most effective pose on the list to get a strong back. This is the most ancient pose and the most prominent one in yoga. All of the yoga experts are much familiar with this pose.

We have included this pose in back workouts at home because of its wide use and experts’ recommendations. You don’t need any equipment to perform this pose.

We have split the entire process into simple small points to make it easy for you:

  • Lie down on the floor
  • Expand your legs 
  • Your feet should be parallel to the ground
  • Your hands should be in front of you
  • Keep your palms expanded on the ground, and your arms should be in extended form.
  • Your upper body should be in the air 
  • Keep your head high
  • Now take your upper body backwards and stretch it as much as you can
  • Put all of the tension on your lower back 
  • Keep your mind calm and focus on your breathing patterns and the targeted muscle.
  • Take your upper body down and relax your back muscles
  • Repeat all of these movements
  • Take some rest while performing these exercises


Have you seen superman flying? That’s the most important yoga pose to strengthen your back. Let’s discuss its step-by-step body posture.

  • Lie on the floor 
  • Your face should be facing the floor.
  • Place any mat or towel on the floor for your comfortability
  • Expand your legs and keep them close to each other
  • Your hands should be straight and close to each other 
  • Now take a deep breath 
  • Lift both of your hands and legs straight up
  • Your upper body should be up from the ground along with your arms
  • Look forward 
  • Try to put tension on your back as much as you can bear 
  • Now release and take them back to the initial position
  • Repeat this pose as much as you can
You need to focus on your movement and try to put as much tension on your back as you can control. A bit more tension than your bearing capability will lead you to any injury.


All of you are familiar with squats. You can use anything from home to perform this back workout at home. You can even take filled water bottles. Let us show you the right way.

  • First, stand straight and pic both bottles in both of your hands 
  • Your feet should be in a “V” shape for better impact
  • Look straight
  • Now take your lower body down
  • Stop when there is an angle of 90 degree
  • Keep your backbone straight while performing
  • It will make both your upper and lower back strong
  • The weight in your hands will increase its intensity
  • Now move up and keep looking forward
  • Your movement should be slow and steady 
  • Repeat the same movement again 
  • 8 to 12 rep count will be suitable for you

Increase rep count with time when your stamina gets better. If the weight exceeds your capability, things will get worse. Avoid ego lifting.

Bridge Pose For Back Workout at Home

Bridge Pose For Back Workout at Home

Have you heard about this pose? Yes! This is the most prominent workout to strengthen the lower back. People put weight on their thighs to make it more impactful.

If you are facing back pain issues and are done with medicines, then let us tell you the right and easy way to do this. All of the above-mentioned workouts and this one too will strengthen your back. Its impact will be long-lasting.

Let us tell you the right way to get it done in a better way.

  • Lie down on the floor 
  • Your face should be towards the ceiling
  • Keep your hands beside your body 
  • Now lift your buttocks slowly
  • Try to squeeze your lower back 
  • Lift your body as much as possible
  • Now take it back to the initial position
  • Repeat the whole phenomenon
Remember that your movement should be slow and controllable. Don’t put more pressure on your lower back; it can hurt you. You can hold the back of your feet while performing this workout; it will make things easy for you.

Kneeling Extension Pose

Kneeling extension is one of the most effective back workouts at home. It’s a suggestion to learn the pose before performing this workout. Let’s have a look:

  • First, you need to get all of your body on all four and lift your right hand along with your left leg.
  • The rest of your hand and leg will stick to the ground
  • Your head will be straight
  • Now take that raised hand and leg down to their initial position
  • Raise your left hand along with the right leg
  • Squeeze your lower back to put some more pressure on the lower back
  • Again that raised hand and leg to the initial position on the ground
  • Try to keep any mat or towel on the floor to keep your hands and knees safe
Try to hold this pose for a while to make it more effective. It will activate your back muscles and increase blood flow in that area. Your entire movement should be keen and smooth to maintain your body’s balance.

Planks Pose

Planks Pose

You will be familiar with this pose. Almost every single trainer and an expert will surely be going to prefer this pose to all of those people who want a strong back and flattened tummy. Let’s see how to perform this pose!

  • Your body pose will be a bit similar to the pushups pose
  • The only difference is that you will put all of your upper body weight on your forearms
  • Your lower body weight will be on your toes 
  • Keep your head straight 
  • Your core should be tight while performing this pose
  • Try to calm your mind while performing this pose. It will let you hold the pose for a long time
  • Your tight core will activate your core muscles and will let you burn your belly fat
All of these poses are verified by the experts, so all of you feel easy to go. We have mentioned the key points of every back workout at home to make things safe for you.


All the above-mentioned back workouts at home are designed for those who don’t have much time to join the gym. They spend most of their time in their offices, which puts a lot of stress on their backs.

We have tried our best to include only those poses that will be easy to perform for all beginners. So feel easy to perform, but at first, you need a bit of practice to learn the right body posture and then go for it.

Before starting this workout, you must consult your doctor if you have any medical injury. If your doctor allows you to do so, act accordingly because your health will be our priority.