Performing Preacher Curl to Build Inspiring Biceps

Performing Preacher Curl to Build Inspiring Biceps

Are you looking for attractive and well-built biceps with preacher curl? All of you will surely be doing your best to make it happen. Have you ever thought about which biceps workout will be the most effective?

Those days had gone when people were looking for any secret to grow their biceps. We will introduce you to one of the key biceps exercises that will surely make you feel the difference.

What Is a Preacher Curl?

What is Preacher Curl

A preacher curl is a variant form of the traditional biceps curl. Experts designed this biceps exercise for isolation, which will let you achieve well-shaped biceps.

The only difference between traditional biceps and preacher curls is that the preacher curl will be performed on the preacher’s bench. Simple biceps will be performed without this preacher’s bench. So after getting done with this preacher curl, we will let you know how to perform the preacher curl.

How to Perform Preacher Curls?

It is compulsory for all those people who are looking for maximum biceps growth. You need to learn the right body posture and technique to perform a preacher curl. 

No worries, we will let you know how to perform this exercise in the best possible way. We have split all of this into minor steps to make it easy for all of you.


The first and the most important thing is that you need to sit on a preacher curl bench and adjust your body posture. It will let you get a mindset to make it happen.

Adjust your arms on the preacher bench and grip the curl bar tightly. Look forward and keep all of your grips strong. Never lose your grip while performing preacher curls.

The most common benefit of this tight grip will let you feel more tension on your biceps. That’s why people don’t get good results after spending a lot of time performing this workout.

You must keep your grip tight to maintain your shoulders’ balance.


Preacher Curl

As we have told you, you need to keep your chin straight, and your elbows should be stuck on the bench. Take the bar up slowly and contract your biceps muscles.

Try your best to maintain a slow momentum which will let you put more pressure on your targeted muscles. Your uplifted bar should be in front of your shoulders. This bit of extra contraction will let your biceps isolate, and its repetition will let your biceps isolate look more attractive.

A short range of motion will never let you achieve that satisfactory result. So it’s a pro tip for all of you to make this preacher curl more effective by slowing down your range of motion.

Curl bar should be in front of your chin while performing this step. It will let you achieve better results and extra pump in your biceps.

Downward Movement

Preacher Curl Downward

Now it’s time to take it down slowly by keeping your grip tight. Take the bar down by expanding your elbows. When the bar is at its starting position, then your loss of grip will finish all of your muscle tension.

So keep it tight and a bit high from the starting position, which will keep your biceps under tension.

Never choose a heavy weight or ego lifting while performing this workout. Choose any ideal weight which will be easy to control for you.

Sets And Reps

The number of sets and reps will differ according to your goals. If your goal is to put on muscle mass, then 8 to 12 reps will be ideal. Now the trick is to play with weight, use its tactics, and like low to high weight, which will let you break more muscle fibers.

In reverse, if your goal is to lose weight, it will be helpful for you to go for maximum repping with lightweight. High reps will let you burn more calories to achieve your goals.

They will contract the upper layer of your body, letting you lose that fat layer to get paper-thin skin. The maximum possible reps should be 12 to 20, which will be enough for you to make every single rep countable. The only thing to keep in mind is your momentum, a slow momentum will be far better than a fast one to get better results.

After getting done with its technique and body posture, we will now explore all of the common mistakes you used to make in the gym.

Preacher Curl Mistakes

Many of you will surely be performing all of the given mistakes and be getting disappointed in the end. The people start blaming that preacher curl is not an effective workout to grow your biceps.

Preacher Curl Mistakes

Let’s discuss all of those mistakes one by one!

1. Strength Exercise

Most of you take it as a strength workout and try to carry more weight. This is entirely an inappropriate thing for all of you, it can injure your shoulders and joints.

Which will be a serious injury to keep you in bed for months. So prefer the ideal weight only, giving you better results with minimum risks.

2. Half Range Of Motion

That’s a common mistake; you can relate to the first one. A man of yours tries lifting heavy weights to satisfy your ego. Then it will be quite tough for you to expand your elbows, and your range of motion will be half. And this kind of preacher curl will be ineffective for you.

Half range of motion will never provide satisfactory results. So try your best to choose lightweight and expand your arms.


Everybody wants to get well-built biceps which will let them look more attractive.

The preacher curl is quite different from the old traditional biceps curl. You need a preacher bench to perform this biceps isolation workout.

We have also mentioned all the mistakes which could be helpful for you to solve them and use them accordingly.