The Ultimate Upper and Lower Chest Workout

Do you want to grow your chest? Or have you noticed the mistakes you used to repeat while performing lower chest workout? These are the basic questions you need to ask yourself; just moving dumbbells and barbells aren’t the perfect workouts.

Do you think that your chest workout is perfect? In today’s discussion, we will let you know all about lower chest workouts and upper chest workouts and mention all of the mistakes you used to repeat in the gym.

You just need to focus on all the things and angles you use while performing your workouts. If you want to improve your chest workout and a good build chest, then you need to follow the instructions to make it happen.

Lower Chest Workout

Growing chest muscle consist of two different parts. It’s lower chest and upper chest. You have to work separately on lower chest muscle as well as upper chest muscle. First of all, we are going to discuss about the exercises that will he helpful for developing lower chest.

Incline Pushups

Incline Pushups for Lower Chest Workout

Pushups are multifunctional, you can even target the whole upper body muscles. Incline pushups will let you target your lower chest and get into shape.

Most of you used to perform pushups at the beginning of your workout, especially for chest day. Not even the lower chest, there are many variations in pushups that will lead you to target all of your chest muscles, which could be the inner chest, upper chest, lower chest, side chest, etc.

First, you must learn to perform pushups with the right body proportions. Here is the proper way to do so:

  • You need a flat bench or a jump box to perform incline pushups
  • Stand in front of that bench or box 
  • Place both of your hands on it and adjust it according to the width of your shoulder 
  • Extend the legs back until they become straight
  • Put the lower body weight on your toes 
  • Look straight 
  • Keep your chin high 
  • Keep your elbows near your body to keep a perfect form 
  • Take your chest down towards the bench
  • Push your body away from it and keep the momentum as slow as you can 
  • Repeat the same range of motion
  • Try to perform 8 to 12 reps in every set, which is the ideal rep count for all of you.

You will not seek the best results without building as strong muscles and mind connection. It’s scientifically proven that you need to build a strong mental connection with the targeted muscles it will let you get the best results in the end.

Decline Dumbells External Rotation

Decline Dumbells External Rotation

That’s another one of the best workouts for the lower chest, which will let you feel extra tension in your lower chest. You need two dumbbells along with a decline bench.

All you need to remember is the ideal weight of dumbbells, ego lifting can lead you to serious injuries. If you are a beginner, then let us guide you to perform this effective workout in gradual steps.

  • Choose any of your ideal weights. 
  • Lie down on the bench and keep the palms towards your face 
  • Raise the dumbbells towards the ceiling 
  • Take them down slowly and put as much pressure on your lower chest as you can 
  • Again take your hands opposite the body and squeeze your chest with your palms.
  • A bit of your palm’s inwards movement will put more pressure on your chest 
  • Follow the inhale-exhale pattern
  • Inhale while taking dumbbells down
  • Exhale while taking the dumbbells upward 
  • Slow momentum will let you achieve the perfection
  • Your ideal repetitions will be 8 to 12 
  • Take some rest between the sets
  • Repeat all the instructions
Avoid ego lifting, it’s not about lifting high it’s all about the right technique to hit the targeted muscles. Keep your dumbbells moving as slowly as possible to make every single rep more impactful.

Decline Dumbbell Press

Decline Dumbell Press for Lower Chest Workout

You have noticed most of your senior fitness freaks while performing this decline dumbbell press in lower chest workout. That’s the most ancient and unique way of targeting the lower chest.

You just need a single decline bench along with a pair of dumbbells. Choose any of the given weights according to your body strength. Let’s explore how to perform a perfect dumbbell press.

  • Hold both of the dumbbells tightly. 
  • Lie down on the table and adjust your body accordingly 
  • Rise both of the dumbbells opposite to your body and make your arms straight
  • Take the dumbbells down and maintain the distance between both of the dumbbells according to the width of your shoulders
  • Stretch your chest while taking them down to activate your chest muscles especially lower chest muscles
  • No one can tell whether the set is hitting the targeted muscles or not. You need to notice this and adjust your dumbbells’ movement accordingly. 
  • Don’t take the dumbbells too below your chest. Keep them equal to your chest position. 
  • Try to exhale and squeeze your chest muscles while taking the dumbbells up
  • Keep your dumbbells grip as much tight as you can, it will let you put more pressure on your chest
Your dumbbell’s tight grip will protect you from any injury. While performing this workout, dumbbells will be straight to your face so a strong grip can keep your face safe.

Cable Crossover

Cable Crossover for Lower Chest Workout

A cable crossover machine will let you target your entire chest muscles. You can use its pulleys to make to target the specific chest muscles. Keep the pulleys high to put more tension on your lower chest muscles. Keep the pulleys a bit down to hit the upper chest muscles. This lower chest workout will let you get rid of men’s boobs.

This workout will make you able to hit all of your chest muscles by adjusting the positions of the pulleys. Let us tell you the secret of this cable crossover machine to get a perfectly built chest.

  • Adjust the pulleys high to target lower chest muscles 
  • Add weight accordingly
  • Grip both of the cables and take them in front of you 
  • You have to stand in the middle of this cable crossover machine so that the distance of both sides will be equal to get a perfect body proportion
  • Take your one foot forward
  • Look straight and tilt a bit
  • Now expand your arms and stretch your chest 
  • Keep a slight bend in your elbows 
  • Don’t take your elbows too high, which will break the muscle’s tension 
  • Now bring back both of your arms in front of your body while exhaling 
  • Try to squeeze your chest muscles for better activation 
  • Repeat the same phenomenon by maintaining a slow momentum 
  • Take some rest between sets, and the rep count should be from 8 to 12, which is the ideal rep count

Parallel Bar Dips

This exercise will help you target almost all upper body muscles. You don’t need a gym to perform this exercise; you can perform this exercise anywhere, like in the park or at home.

You just need two parallel bars struck within the wall or anything else; the way to perform is quite simple. You just need to follow all of the following instructions.

  • Grip the bar firmly and tilt your lower body a bit backward 
  • Inhale while going downward and stretch your chest muscles 
  • Now move up by exhaling and squeezing the chest 
  • You need to tilt a bit to put extra pressure on your lower chest. 
  • Repeat the whole process as much as your can
You must perform as many raps as possible without taking extra rep. Going for extra rep will let your muscles relax, which will ruin all of your momenta.

All of these exercises mentioned above were for a lower chest workout. By following the instructions, you will make it happen independently without seeking help from any fitness trainer.

As all of us are familiar with the upper chest as important as the lower chest, we will discuss all of the upper chest workouts.

Upper Chest Workout

As we all know, the upper chest is the most crucial part of your body, which needs proper training. Without a well-built upper chest, you will not be able to look more attractive because it’s a trend to show cleavage.

But how can you show your cleavage without getting well trained upper chest portion? Right? Yes! All of you need to put some extra pressure and focus on this muscle.

Let’s discuss all the effective upper chest workouts to make things quite easy.

Low to High Cable Crossover

Low to High Cable Crossover

This is one of the most effective upper chest exercises. All you need is a cable crossover machine to perform this workout; it will activate your side, upper chest, and middle-upper chest.

It’s quite easy to perform this workout; don’t be confused let us guide you and make things easy to understand for you.

  • Set the pulleys at the bottom of the machine
  • Stand in the middle of it 
  • Take one step forward and take both hands straight upward towards your head. 
  • Take your hands down slowly and stretch your arms downward to activate your upper chest. It’s quite the opposite of a lower chest workout.
  • While pulling upward, cross them in front of your face for equal activation.
  • Keep your chin straight and tighten your core to get a well-balanced body proportion. 
  • You need to perform 3 sets of a maximum of 12 reps
  • Your resting time shouldn’t be more than 60 seconds
Your body movement should be as slow as you can. It will put high tension on your upper chest, which will break more fibers and will grow better with the help of a balanced and proper diet. Keep in mind that don’t go much forward to build more tension; it will make the set a bit tough for you, and you will surely lose the proper body proportion.

Press Ups

Press Ups

We have already discussed pushups, this is quite similar. It will give a bit more pump and activation to your chest. All you need to do is to press your chest while going upward with the help of your palms.

Let’s explore this amazing upper chest workout!

  • First, you must lay down on the ground by putting your body weight on your hands. 
  • Go down and slowly expand your chest 
  • While moving upward, squeeze your chest      
  • Repeat all of this phenomenon 
  • Keep your momentum slow
Sometimes you don’t feel it working and stop performing this workout; now try this pro tip and feel the extra pressure; tilt your hands a bit side way, and while going upward, try to squeeze your chest with the help of your palms. Many professional trainers have shared this secret which helped many people to make their workout more effective.

Another best tip for you is to use this workout in the best possible way performing at least 10 reps just after every single set of your chest workout. At the end of your workout, every single part of your entire chest will be activated.


The chest is one of the most important upper body muscles, you need to `train. Many of you used to perform lower chest workouts with bad angles and ego lifting, and when we don’t see results in the mirror, we blame the workout.

You need to make your angles perfect with lightweight, which will let you put more weight on that perfect angle, which will keep you safe from all kinds of injuries.

Now you just need to follow all the lower chest exercises with the instructions. All of these instructions are proven by the experts, and you feel a clear difference when you follow these instructions.