TRX Workout: Effective Exercises for Full Body Strength

Are you getting bored with weight training? So you want something new and exciting just like TRX Workout to make your workout a bit more engaging. Everyone is doing weight training to tone his body but doing the same thing for a long time can make you feel bored.

Do you know anything about the TRX workout technique? In our today’s topic, we will let you know all about these workout strategies which will help you to perform all of your workouts with your body weight.

What is TRX Workout?

Before heading towards the depth of today’s discussion all of you need to know a bit about TRX. It was introduced by a former navy seal in which every single workout will be a challenge for your core to get it done all alone.

In this unique workout, you will have two resources the first one is gravity and the second one is your body weight. You will use your body weight with this performance training tool.

It looks a bit simple but it’s very effective for whole body workouts. You just need to anchor the TRX straps to a specific spot according to your workout. You will surely be going to use these straps in a different way for all the workouts.

Let’s suppose you are going to perform the core workout, now you need to anchor the TRX straps high at some place and then will use them accordingly. That’s what we were talking about, you need to learn how to use TRX for better results. Now we will discuss all of those TRX workouts which you can perform with TRX straps.

Pushups – TRX Workout

TRX Workout Pushups


Pushups are the most fundamental warm-up to start your workout Right? No! You are wrong, you can build your chest shoulder, and arms through push-ups if you perform them in the right way.

Don’t worry let us guide you that how to perform TRX pushups. You have already performed normal pushups but these push-ups are quite different you need to hang your feet in the air, straighten your body, and perform.

How to Perform TRX Pushups?

The whole process is quite simple which we are going to explore step by step. Have a look!

  • First, you need TRX straps to perform these pushups 
  • Hang that straps high 
  • Put your feet in that straps, the upper portion of your feet should face ground 
  • Straighten up your body and look forward  
  • Go down and then reverse
  • That’s all

Don’t be confused just follow the above-mentioned gradual process and you will be able to make it happen.

Keep your chin straight while performing these pushups because it will let you balance your body and will make them more effective for you.

Chest Press – TRX Workout

Chest Press

You have trained your chest with weights in the gym but today we are going to introduce you to the most interesting and effective way of training your chest.

TRX chest press is for all of those people who want to grow their chest in and arms without weights. The best thing about these workouts is that you can perform them anywhere.

Even though you can take these TRX straps with you to your vocation and perform these exercises which will let you be in shape in the off-season too.

How to perform the TRX chest press?

After getting done with its general introduction now we will disclose the right way to perform the TRX workout to target the chest as the central muscle. Let’s make it happen!

  • First, you need to anchor the TRX strap high 
  • Grab both of the handles and take them at your shoulders height
  • Tighten up your body bend a bit 
  • Now take both of the handles in front of you at equal height
  • Stretch them back at your shoulders height 
  • Take them down by putting all of the stress on your chest in that previous position
  • Repeat all of these instructions
  • That’s all

Don’t be confused just go with the flow, by following all of these tinny steps you will be able to make it happen at the end.

One of the most important thing which you need to keep in mind is, muscles mind connection. TRX workouts need muscles and mind connections to achieve the best possible results.

Low Row

Low Row

Keep the TRX straps anchored at the same height to perform this TRX workout. This workout will let you train your back, abs, shoulder, and biceps. That’s the most beneficial thing about this TRX workout it will let you train multiple muscles at the same time.

If you are not interested to train every single muscle separately then you should go for it. We will suggest you perform this workout multiple times if you are not at the gym and want to keep all of your muscles in tone. 

You will pump all the major upper muscles with this single workout. And you just need a TRX strap to get it done.

How to perform Low Row TRX?

It’s all simple for you, just grab a TRX strap and make it happen. You don’t need to be depressed, we will let you know all of the techniques and gradual process to perform this TRX workout.

  • Keep the TRX strap in the same position
  • Stand in front of it
  • Grab both of the handles tightly 
  • Let your body go down until your weight will be on your heels 
  • Go back by stretching the straps to your back 
  • Try to close your back while going upward and put some tension on it
  • Keep your core tight while performing this workout which will activate your core muscles
  • Now repeat in the same manners 
  • That’s all

Follow all of the above instructions to get better results. Don’t be too tense to perform this workout, keep your body and mind relaxed.

As we have told all of you that all of these TRX workouts need muscles and mind connection because you are performing all of these workouts with your body weight. So your strong muscles and mind connection will let your body go for a better pump. While taking your body down you need to stretch your biceps muscles to engage them.

Single Arm Row

Single Arm Row

If you are not good at performing low row and finding any trouble in it then you can go for it. This is a simple and easy form of a low row, you can perform it with a single arm.

Don’t worry, we know what’s in your mind, it will target all of those muscles which you were in low row TRX workout.

How to Perform Single arm Row?

The whole process is quite similar to low row, the only difference is that you will perform this with single arm one by one. Let’s break it down in steps!

  • Anchor the TRX strap high 
  • Stand in front of it and grab one side handle of the strap 
  • Take your body down slowly and keep stretching your back
  • When your whole body weight will be on your heels, reverse
  • Keep your grip tight and stretch your biceps muscles as much as you can
  • Squeeze your back while moving upward
  • Repeat in the same way

This is a simple way to master single-arm row, it will make you able to perform low row perfectly. After mastering this TRX workout you can go for that.

Tip: Try to maintain a slow momentum while performing this workout which will help you to build a strong muscle-mind connection. If you will go for speedy reps then it will be pointless in the end, so keep it slow and simple.

Alligator TRX Workout

Alligator TRX Workout

This is one of the most effective workouts for the shoulders back and oblique. This name was given to this because of its alligator, shape when you will move upward and will expand your right hand upward and left hand downward.

This will make your shoulder and back stronger, you need to keep your core tight which will let you activate your core muscles to get your abs in shape.

How to perform an Alligator workout?

This is quite simple to perform this workout because it’s a bit similar to the rest of the exercises. You just need to change a bit of its movement. After discussing its introduction now we will talk about how you can learn to perform.

  • Anchor your TRX strap 
  • Grab both of the handles 
  • Take your body down until your weight will be on your knees
  • Move upwards by stretching your right hand upward and left hand down until they reach a certain position
  • Then move down in the same position 
  • Repeat these gradual steps 
  • That’s all

We are telling all of this information as simply as possible so that it could be accessible to all of you. You can perform even in your home, the only thing you need to perform is a TRX strap.


All of the TRX workouts are entirely different from the rest of the weight training. You need only a TRX strap to perform all of these workouts. You can even train your whole body with this single strap.

All of these techniques are delivered by experts so the anger risks will be very low, and you can perform them safely. You just need to perform them by following all of the above-mentioned instructions.

We hope that after being active participants all of you will be able to know what are TRX workouts and how to perform these workouts by keeping all the body proportions in the best possible way. No matter where you are or whether you have any gym around or not you will be still able to maintain your body shape with these workouts.