Walking With Weights: Benefits, Risks, Workout Strategy

Do you love walking with weights? If you don’t then you need to, because of its uncountable health benefits. It’s scientifically proven that all of those people who used to go for walk daily will be safe from all kinds of heart problems, and even your whole cardiovascular system will be healthy and errorless.

Your muscles’ oxygen consumption will automatically increase and they will work much better than before and it will surely be going to burn your calories which will help you to lose some weight. But if you want to increase your workout during walks then you can go for different things like walking with weights will help you to go for some extra effective results.

But it’s not suitable for all of you, you need to keep in mind all of this before using weight, consult with your doctor or physiotherapist. This is our today’s topic of discussion. We will let you know whether walking with weights is good or bad for you and many more. with weightsxkjcjksaj

Burn Some Extra Calories

Burn Calories by Walking with Weights

Every one of us used to walk daily to get some extra oxygen and to keep our bodies fit and healthy. But walking with weights can help you to burn more calories in a short period.

All of you will go for an extra mile to burn more calories but if you don’t want to do the same thing then walking with weights will help you to burn your desired amount of calories within the same distance. Amazing right?

But you don’t need to exceed your limits like alpha athletes, because you both are not the same and not even your goals. From the first day, they start walking with heavy weights which will surely create some trouble for them. They will face different kinds of cramps and joint pains so follow your doctor’s instructions before doing all of this walking with weight exercise and so on. No doubt that it will burn 10 to 20 percent more calories than a normal walk.

Walking With Weights in Hands

Walking with Hand Weights

We try to use hand weights while walking to increase calorie burning ratio but we are not familiar with their disadvantages. When you walk while holding weight in your hands, it will surely increase your blood pressure. A sudden increase in your blood pressure can create a lot of problems like heart failure and so on.

It can also cause joint pains and other muscle cramps problems, so consult your doctor before starting this hand-weight walking. Another crucial thing that you need to keep in mind is to apply all of the precautions before doing this exercise to minimize all the risks. Let’s have a glance at the benefits of walking with hand weights.

Benefits of Walking With Weights in Hands

All of you are very familiar with that magazine cover photo in which a model is carrying a pair of dumbbells. Walking with hand weights is an old and effective way to burn more calories than usual.

It’s the best workout for all of those people who don’t have much time to perform any workout for a long time. It will surely help them to burn more calories within a short time. If you want to add both strength and aerobic workout together in this exercise, which will let you accomplish both of these goals together.

Raising your hands with weights will let you go for some extra hard work which will burn more calories than the simple one. All of those who want to achieve their goals as soon as possible can go for this one.

Benefits of Walking with Hand Weights

Hand Weight Disadvantages

This workout will not work for all of you because of your different body capabilities. Some of you will easily handle all of this but many of you who are going to start from scratch will face a lot of troubles like muscle cramps and muscles fatigues.

The most common disadvantage is joint pain which will let people feel more uncomfortable and they used to quit this walking with weight exercise. The central reason behind their injuries is that they don’t apply all of the precautions before performing this activity.

So it’s a suggestion for all of you that if you are a beginner and going to start this workout then first you need to consult your doctor, he will recommend the best solution and suggestion to you according to your body capabilities.

According to American Heart Association walking with hand, weights can lead to high blood pleasure. If your heart is not capable enough to handle all of this then heart failure can be the max risk to face for you.


Research-based on the university of California has shown that beginning walking by having one pound weight in your hands will not increase your blood pressure beyond the normal range.

You can keep increasing the weight with time when your body will start bearing more weight and become a bit stronger. You need to have all of the required things as precautions. If anything will go wrong like your body balance or hand muscles cramps then it will lead you towards safety. That’s why wearing all the safety measures will keep you safe4 from many serious injuries.

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is, to increase the weight according to the capabilities of your body, if it has adapted to the first lightweight then go for the heavier one.  If you want to seek calorie-burning benefits then your selected weight shouldn’t be more than 15 percent of your body weight. This weight is recommended after a deep analysis and research on human health so just go for it without getting worried.

Hand Weight Alternatives

Hand Weight Alternatives

To gain arms muscles strength and shape, tying weight with wrists is not the only solution, you can easily go for many other alternatives which will let you get the same and even better results.

You can go for lateral press, chest press, and upright rows to grow your arms, chest, legs, and abdominal muscles with many other exercises which you can add to your workout.

You can even go for any of the rest of the alternatives which can help you to seek the same results. And it’s not compulsory to tie weight with your hands, you can carry the same weight within backpacks.

Walking With Weights on Ankle

This is another best way to make your home workout or outdoor workout more intense. Can use these weights with your ankles and go for a walk, this walk will surely be different from the previous one.

Majority of the sports people use ankle weights to achieve high speed and stamina. They use this technique to get fit and beat their sports selection criteria. When you will run after having these weights at your ankles you will surely be going to face a clear difference when performing on the sports ground.

Walking with Ankle Weights

The secret is quite simple to understand, weight with your ankles will create a high resistance against gravity which will be an entirely different experience as compared to the normal body weight exercise. The calories burning will be far more than the normal one, so you can choose this walking with ankle weights to get quick results.

Disadvantages of Walking with Weights on Ankles

Along with a lot of benefits, there are so many disadvantages of this exercise which will make you feel bad at the end of it. So before starting this walking with ankle weights you need to know all of these negative aspects.

While having this weight on your ankles will make you feel a lot of joint pain and shoulder pain. You will face different kinds of problems like muscle cramps, especially in your thigh muscles. Your ankles will feel swollen and in immense pain. Now the point to ponder is that you need to understand that if your precautions will be high the possibilities are there that you will not face these kinds of problems.

High weight approach can also cause different troubles for you, avoiding high weights on your ankles can keep you away from any injuries and problems.


If you are facing any kind of joint disease like arthritis then you need to consult your doctor first because you can face different hazardous results. It’s an obvious thing that you are going to have some wights on your ankles while exercising then it will surely be going to affect your joints.


All of us used to go for a normal daily walk to burn some calories and to get relaxed. As an active participant in this conversation, you are very familiar that how you can change a normal walk into an extra fat-burning walk.

Having some weights in your hands and ankles can push you to burn some extra calories. The main concern of all those people who want to cut some weight is to burn calories as much as they can.

And all of the above walking with weights workouts will let you burn your desired number of calories in the same distance. Without having these weights you need to cover some extra miles to burn more calories but after having them with your body you will get the same results within the same short distance.