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Submission Criteria

  • Unique

Only plagiarism free and 100% unique content will be acceptable.

  • Citation

If your work contains any factual-based information then you have to submit all of the relevant hyperlinks for further clarification.

  • Short Conclusion

You need to summaries all of your work in a few sentences as a short conclusion which will be easy for us to know about your ideas.

  • Images

You can include some images having denominations of 750 x 300. It will make your work more engaging.

Brand Promotions are Not Allowed

If your work contains any kind of brand promotion or business promotion then we are really sorry. We are not interested in any promotional content. You need to provide promotion-free content if you really want to write for us.

Publication Process

  • Send your article on “HEALTHXFITNESSPRO@GMAIL.COM
  • Our team will conduct a critical review of your work to know the originality
  • The healthxfitness editors will review all of your work and will correct all of the mistakes and errors in your work
  • If your work will be approved by our editorial team, you will receive the confirmation message within 2 days 
  • We will get your work published if it will be according to our criteria